It’s a jungle out there!

Felon Friendly Employment

JungleJobs is committed to helping ex-felons find employment. We provide information and tools to help you find the job that you need to get back on your feet. We have a list of employers that aren’t likely to be in your local newspaper or posted prominently online. The recession has forced many people into unemployment or to take entry-level jobs that ex-offenders have in the past used to get gainful employment, experience, and work history after incarceration. Many jobs in retail, fast food, construction, and, warehousing are no longer available to felons because of stiff competition in the industry. Placing an ex-offender or felon requires a different approach, and JungleJobs is skilled finding felon friendly employers. Many jobs are well suited to many ex-felons including night club security, auto repossession, restaurant handyman, retail loss prevention specialists, etc. Some employers realize that the experience of incarceration may come with certain skills that are hard or expensive to obtain by traditional training alone. Your criminal record won’t prevent you from getting a job or starting a new career. Here at JungleJobs, we think differently and can help you quickly land a rewarding job.


  • The US government offers a $2400 tax credit for employers who hire ex-felons.
  • Remember to fill out applications prior to meeting with the prospective employer.
  • Get the information from the IRS
  • There are special forms the employer will need to fill out before they hire you to receive the felon tax credit.
  • Check with your local unemployment office to find the agencies who assist and rehabilitate felons in your area.