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The employers that are in our system pay for job postings. This takes the guess work out of wondering if it is a legitimate job posting or just a spammer trying to clutter your inbox.


Build your resume one time and use it for all your job applications. Once your resume is complete it allows you to apply for jobs with just a click. You have the option to tailor your application with a cover letter too!

Local Love

JungleJobs is based around metros. This means that you know the employer posting the job is local. We believe in growing strong communities - keep it local!


None of your information is shared with employers until you contact them about a position. We also do not allow employers to search through our resume list and contact you directly unless you opt-in to do so. You are in control of your information.

Communication Is Key

Once you apply for a job the employer has the option to send you a private message. You can then communicate with them to see if you are a good fit. All of this is done without sharing your personal email address.

We Are Everywhere

No matter what device you are currently using - you’re still able to read this. We stay up-to-date with technology so that our site has the same functionalty across all devices. Go ahead and try resizing your browser - cool huh?